An update on my capsule wardrobe

I recently decided to give the whole capsule wardrobe thing a go, and I have to say, I like it a lot! Here are some things I have discovered, and perhaps some inspiration to help you take the plunge.

+ As it turns out, I really did just wear all the same stuff most of the time.

+ I no longer have the guilt associated with not wearing particular things (or wearing them, just because I felt I should).

+ I love all of the things in my wardrobe.

+ Pretty much everything goes with each other (there are a few exceptions, but they’re pretty obvious), so putting together a reasonable outfit for a day takes no time at all. This is vital in a busy house, especially when you’re creeping around trying to get ready before the baby wakes up (who sleeps in my room at the moment).

+ It’s really easy to find what I’m looking for, when I don’t have to go digging in the closet or drawers for something.

Here are a few problems that kept me from trying out a capsule wardrobe and some solutions:

+ In Sydney, the weather can vary ridiculously from day to day. I included a few hot day things and a pair of jeans for the cool days. I always have cardigans around, because I get cold, so have one or two and you’re set. Even in a season, most days will be similar, minus those weird weeks, so you can mostly stick to the same things anyway. Try layering for warmth in the summer, and keep a couple of lighter items for warm winter days. That excuse no longer sticks for me.

+  If you’re having trouble with work wear and weekend wear, I have a couple of suggestions (mostly theoretical, and based on some of the reading I’ve done). Depending on the dress code for your job, there might be some pieces that will serve both weekdays and weekends. Think “dress-up/dress-down”, which is my way of saying dress up a dress with a nice necklace, a pair of heels and a blazer, and dress it down with a pair of casual thongs or sandals and a denim jacket. If you can’t use the same things, expand your wardrobe a bit. There aren’t hard and fast rules to caspuling your wardrobe. The whole purpose of doing it is to make your wardrobe work for you and not the other way around. You will still be able to pare it back, because I think you know what you do and don’t wear (I know I do). If you wear a uniform, don’t include it in your capsule. Easy.

+ If your weight fluctuates a bit, or you’re working to lose weight, start with what you’ve got, and if you need to swap out a few items, then do it. The rule here is one in, one out. The same goes for pregnancy. I tried the capsule for the first time while I was pregnant (and then the weather changed and things crept in, but nothing got shifted out. Capsule fail.) It was easier than I expected, though, and full of maxi-dresses and elastic-waisted pants, and worked perfectly.

+ Be yourself. Cutting back to the capsule makes it easier to just be me. I’m comfortable in the clothes I have in there, and I feel like I worry less about what I’m wearing. I like the things in there, and I think I look OK. It’s also helping me decide whether I need a few more things or not. There are about half a dozen things within the capsule that I’m not wearing as I often as I thought I would, but next summer (post-wean) there are a couple of dresses I’d like to add. I think I probably will need a couple of new t-shirts, because mine are starting to show their age, but there’s no point doing that now, so I will wait until next year.

+ Occasionally I wonder if people notice that I’m wearing the same things all the time. But no one has said anything. Since I’ve started dressing ‘capsule’, I’ve been paying more attention to what other people are wearing (not in a weird way though…) And guess what? They’re all wearing the same things over and over. So don’t worry about that! If you think you’ll get bored with a pared back wardrobe then do the swap in/swap out every so often.

There’s a great post here for some more tips on your capsule wardrobe, and if you need some inspiration, search project 333 on Instagram.

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Gidday baby and a few tears

Well the weather is cooling here in Sydney. The mornings are nippy and I’ve been pulling out the cardigans and jumpers for everyone. I have to say, I don’t mind it. I love hot weather, but I do like wearing a cozy jumper. Of course, when I’m freezing underneath layers and layers then I’m not happy about that. But for now, it’s crisp mornings and mild days.


One of the cardigans that has come out is this Gidday baby that I made for Talbot last year. I have no idea what I was thinking, making it in an 18mo size. At the time, she was 12mo and a wee 7 kilos. I think I was just worried that it’d take me ages to finish and that she would grow out of it before she wore it.

I pulled it out, and now it fits. And oh it looks lovely.



I got a tad teary remembering the days of knitting during her recovery in hospital after her second operation. She had it on her first birthday. We took in our birthday bunting that we put up for every birthday in the house, and strung it up above her cot in the ward. We bought her a Peppa Pig balloon and the most beautiful flowers (I still don’t know what variety they are). And the music therapist came with his guitar and sang her happy birthday. They’re all memories I hold dear to my heart, bittersweet as they are.

It’s so nice to see her dancing around, pulling ridiculous (cute) faces in her Gidday, now that it fits. I’ll surely treasure this cardigan, and it’ll never be passed on to anyone outside my own little family, because it’s just too memory-laden.




You can find the Ravelry details here.

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Sunday Lately (Mar 27)

Sunday lately – hosted by the Blogger Tribe. This week’s line-up: completing – visiting – repeating – writing – scheduling. Find the link-up details below.



Erm. Nothing. At all. Really. It’s all mid-way posts, projects, cleaning jobs. At least I haven’t finished off my Easter eggs yet?


Visiting family and friends over Easter. We have a bit of a tradition where we go to our own church on Good Friday and go to our families’ church on Easter Sunday. It’s fortunate that they both go to the same one (where we grew up and met!) so it is nice to be back there from time to time and see some old friends. We spent some time on Friday afternoon with Husband’s family and some time on Sunday with mine. It was perfect and because there were four days off, we also got some quiet family time together as well.


We’re back to the ‘starting solids’ phase. Aww. It’s cute. Little Eddie loves her veggies. We’ve done sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, pear, ‘roast’ (leftover roast veg all blended into one) and potato – which made her audibly gag and them vomit. I’m doing the purée/freeze routine again. Feels like yesterday I was doing it for Talbot, but I hope Edgar won’t have so much trouble with hers (the fussiness and the discomfort).


I’ve had a lot of fun reviewing the books Walking with God, by Asheritah Ciuciu, and Unstuffed, by Ruth Soukup. I’m writing more posts to share about these books, plus lots of other bits and pieces. I am really happy that the ideas are flowing at the moment! By the end of last year I felt like I had hit a bit of a dead zone, and wasn’t feeling very inspired, but after a bit of a break through December and January, I feel refreshed, so there is lots more coming.


I’m experimenting a bit with social media, after my mum came across an article for making the most of your posting times. I’m going to schedule them for a different time, and see whether it helps increase the number of views. I’ve been posting in the evenings, because that’s when I often browse Facebook (after the kids are in bed and I’m in front of the telly), so I’m not sure how it’ll go. Look out for them!

// What’s your Sunday Lately list? //

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